The Project

Role: Web Developer

Project Role

In addition to serving as the project’s web developer, I was also brought into the development process early by the designer to research and present ideas for the site’s “Report It!” form — the key feature of the website, which provides users with a way to securely, anonymously and confidentially submit harassment claims.

The designer wanted to mimic  Typeform’s, functionality, but rather than use a third-party product, she wanted something that would be unique to our site and would accurately represent our target audience’s functionality expectations. So, I conducted research and coded a test form from scratch, which served as the basis for the final form.

The end result was a highly customized form that was tailored to the site’s look and feel. I coded all of the real-time JavaScript feedback and interactivity, along with PHP validation.

In addition to the site’s form, I was also responsible for the custom WordPress theme development for the site.

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Technologies & Languages

  • HTML5
  • PHP Mailer
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • Gulp
  • Bower

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